Cardano Staking Pool

Welcome to offers a professional platform for people who would like to delegate their ADA to a Staking Pool Service. By delegating your ADA you help to secure and foster the Cardano Ecosystem and at the same time you benefit from the rewards paid to the Stake Pool. In order to Stake as efficiently as possible, we offer a performant infrastructure that is reliable, competitive and fully transparent.

About us


Our affiliation in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology shaped our attitude about technology. Exploring the technology with disruptive and versatile character keeps us ongoing. With experiences out of the Crypto Valley in Zug Switzerland, we found our way to Cardano and ADA, driven to become an established player in the Ecosystem and to be at the forefront of shaping a better future powerd by technology.



To enhance trust and satisfaction towards our delegators, at cost transparency is key! In this sense, we always try to keep our fees at a minimum, with the target to maximise the profits of our delegators and to provide a performant Stake Pool. As a Stake Pool Operator, charges a fee of 2.0% mainly used to cover our internal costs for infrastructure and security. The costs are continuously monitored to the developments of the Cardano Network to enable a healthy and competitive ecosystem.

DDoS-Protected & 99.9% Uptime

Our high performance server infrastructure offers the perfect basis to build a robust Stake Pool. It is equipped with SSD and DDOS attack protection and offers detailed monitoring. This trustworthy setup enables us to achieve an SLA of 99.95%

Swiss Engineering

As a Swiss Stake Pool, is committed to the motto "Made in Switzerland", quality and trust is therefore key. Accordingly, we are proud to provide a you with a geo-redundant Stakepool mainly hosted and maintained in Switzerland.